What Is The Number of Cigarette Packs Per Carton?

Smokers will probably know the answer very well. But if you are new to smoking or just wondering about the question. Then the answer is 10 packs. But what’s the fun of just giving the answer and not exploring it further? So tighten your seat belts because we are going to unravel the greatest mystery of all time. Just kidding. But do you know that the number of cigarettes varies in different countries according to the brands? Ah! Now you seem interested. 

The country and brand decide how many Cigarette Boxes will come inside a pack. For example, in Australia, 26 cigarettes are sold in a pack. Similarly, there are also some countries where 30 cigarettes are sold in a pack. But let's stick to the United States where each pack contains 20 cigarettes. One thing that is common among all places, is that each carton contains 10 packs of cigarettes in all places despite brand variation. 

Standard Sizes Of Cigarettes In The USA

standard sizes of cigarettes

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cigarettes fall into four categories based on their sizes. These include,

  • Regular unfiltered cigarette (68 to 70 mm)
  • King-size filtered cigarette (79 to 88 mm) 
  • Filtered longs (94 to 101 mm)
  • Extra-long cigarettes (110 to 121mm)

Similarly, the usual cigarettes have a diameter of 7.5 to 8.0 mm while slim varieties have 5 or 6 mm. Due to their size variation, the size of the packs varies. Hence the size of the cartons also varies with the pack size. However, the number of packs remains the same inside the carton. 

Different Types Of Cigarette Cartons

cigarette cartons

Firstly, there are hard packs. You could drop them off at a building and they would remain intact. They are typically the cardboard cartons that are found at the retail stores. On the other hand, we have the soft pack. They are more convenient because you don’t have to open and close them every time you need cigarettes. But, you can't throw this pack across the room and expect it to survive. That’s the downside of these packs. However, both hard and soft packs are almost equal in price. However, their prices may vary as per the tax regulations and brand pricing. Explore the prices at Custom Designs Boxes for your cigarettes.  

Does The Consumption Of The Cigarette Increases With Pack Or Carton Size?

cigarette pack size

According to the study, conducted by the University of Bristol and published in the Journal of Addiction, this happens. The study states that when people were provided with more numbers of cigarettes per day, their consumption increased. They distributed packs of 25 and 20 cigarettes in two groups and found that people with packs of 25 cigarettes smoked a 1.3% higher number of cigarettes in a day.  So the strategy of selling cigarettes in cartons also increases their sales because you are providing more cigarettes to a customer at a time. This is beneficial for the manufacturers as their industry will grow at a faster pace. 

Advantages Of Buying Cigarette Cartons

how many cigarettes in a pack


Cartons keep the cigarettes organized in the retail shops. They effectively organize 10 packs of cigarettes and prevent them from falling. Moreover, it gives the wholesale suppliers the benefit of carrying more Blank Cigarette Packaging at a time. In addition, it supports bulk buying. Customers can purchase a single carton and they don’t have to come to the store daily. This saves them from repeat purchases. 


It's nice that smokers have some information to make informed decisions. Like a warning. And let's not forget how printed information on  Cardboard Cigarette Boxes encourages responsible smoking behavior. Moreover, it also covers the branding aspect. They contain prints and finishes that attract more customers to your specific brand. 


A big aspect that urges customers to buy cigarette cartons is their low cost compared to buying individual packs. Retailers offer discounts and low prices on the cartons which proves beneficial in saving money. 

Benefits Of Knowing The Number Of Packs In A Carton

cigarette pack

Helps With Inventory Management

Create a scenario in your mind where you are standing in a warehouse. You are surrounded by stacks of cartons. But you have no idea how many packs each carton contains. So, How can you keep track of your inventory? The answer by knowing how many packs of cigarettes are in a carton. By knowing, you can easily keep track of your inventory and avoid any "out of stock" nightmares. No more running around like a headless chicken trying to find that one missing pack. 

Ensures Accurate Ordering And Restocking

Nobody likes guessing when it comes to ordering and restocking. Once you know the answer, you can order and restock your cigarettes with confidence. Consequently, you can avoid both understocking as well as overstocking. 

Saves Time And Reduces Errors In Packaging And Shipping

You can also save time from counting and recounting like a crazed mathematician. If someone orders 200 packs, you’ll instantly know that it's going to take 20 cartons to be shipped. 

Helps With Pricing And Profit Margins

It's time for everyone's favorite topic. Yes, I’m talking about money.  Knowing the answer helps you to easily calculate pricing and profit margins. 


Now it does not matter whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker. This blog is there to enlighten you on different aspects of cigarette cartons. From now on, if anyone asks you how many packs of cigarettes are in a carton? You can answer them promptly and further tell them details, even if they don’t know. Gather your colleagues and friends and have table talks with them to spread the word.

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