Tech Boosts Pleasure: How Condom Box Revolutionized Condoms?

how condom packaging revolutionized condom

Condoms are now used for birth control and as a protective measure. They contain lubricants, medication, and other elements for pleasure and protection. Condom is fragile itself, and these oils and compounds make it more delicate and fragile. Therefore, to keep the condom safe, secure, and in original condition, tear-resistant, and break-safe, the use of a modern and premium Condom Box is a must. The innovation in condom packaging has transformed condoms and has made them more protective and pleasurable. Condom Packaging is made from high-quality materials that are non-effective, nontoxic, and strong. They keep condoms safe and secure, maintain lubricants, and protect them during shipping, handling, and transit. The designs and visuals enhance the appeal of condoms. Inserts and embellishments organize condoms. The air-tight and temperature-evident condom box packaging preserves lubricants and‌ maintains their flavor and effectiveness. These all features of the condom box transform the pleasure and protection of the condoms. 

printed condom packaging boxes

What Is A Condom?

A condom is a protective sheath worn by men or women on their private organs during intercourse to control birth and be safe from diseases. Condoms are made from Latex rubber, Polyurethane, and polyisoprene, and contain lubricants and medications for enhanced pleasure and safe sex.

History Of Condom

Condoms have a long history. According to legends, King Minos Of Cerete, son of Zeus and Europa, used a condom made of a goat's bladder 5,000 years ago. He is said to have poisonous Siemens that led to the death of many of his mistresses. To keep them safe during intercourse, he used a protective sheath, now known as a condom. Before the 19th century, condoms were made from animal intestines and bladders. In the mid-19th century, rubber condoms became popular. The technological advancements in the 20th century led to the condoms used nowadays. Condoms were polished and mixed with self-lubricants that enhanced sex pleasure and offered a safe, less allergenic feel. In the 21st century, because of the hi-tech era, the manufacturing of condoms is in the process that contains in-built medication that protects against STDs, more pleasure-filled sex, and the highest durability. 

Different Types Of Condoms And Their Use

Condoms serve dual purposes: protection and control. However, now many condom manufacturing companies are making condoms for long-lasting sex and extra pleasure. Different types of condoms are latex condoms, spermicide condoms, lubricated condoms, and textured condoms. Latex condoms are for people who are sensitive and allergic to different materials. Lubricated condoms are thin-coating condoms best for a natural feel. Thirdly, spermicide condoms contain the nonoxynol-9 element that kills sperms that cause pregnancy. Whereas, textured condoms have different textures like dots, ribbed, and studded that enhance pleasure during sex. 

When Do Condoms Break? How To Keep Them Safe?

When condoms break, it can cause unplanned pregnancy. But what leads to the breakage of condoms? Condoms can break because of multiple factors including wrong size, forceful penetration, and lost quality of condoms. So, how to keep them safe? Condoms are thin layers. They contain lubricants and medical chemicals. Their safety and security are essential to keep them safe from breakage and tearing. The condom box plays an effective role in offering security and protection to condoms. Custom condom boxes are durable. Their thick layer protects from moisture, rays, and high temperatures that affect condoms. They offer safety during delivery and transit. Inserts and partitions inside the boxes organize each condom at its assigned place, saving it from the movement. 

How To Make Condom Box?

What is a condom box? A condom box is a box that contains condoms inside. Condoms boxes are custom made boxes particularly for condoms to offer them security, safety, branding, visual appeal, and elegant image. To make premium condom boxes, there are certain things to keep in mind. 

Material Selection For Protection

The first step to creating a condom box is to prioritize the safety and security of the condoms. Therefore, it is crucial to choose materials for the condom box. A condom box must protect the condoms from external or internal factors. For this, it is crucial to use strong, durable, non-toxic, and high-quality materials. Versatile materials are many, but cardboard, kraft, rigid, and corrugated material options are ideal. These materials prevent condoms from contamination, dust, and external rays, and make condom packaging sturdy enough to withstand robust transportation processes. 

Size And Shape Customization 

Condoms come in different boxes. Therefore, design condom box sizes and shapes for your needs and requirements. Whether they are big condom boxes or small condom boxes, variety is always beneficial. Customize boxes for single condoms, a few condoms, and 100 pack of condoms. Small condom boxes are for people who want to spend a single or few nights or want to try different condoms. Whereas big condom boxes are for people who appreciate quality. 

Moreover, add inserts, partitions, windows, cutouts, lids, and magnetic closures to condom boxes to show elegance. These customizations give an organized look to condoms and increase their protection. Furthermore, baggy condom boxes are also in trend. Give a baggy condom box to your one condom type to boost its value and popularity. 

Charming Appearance Of Condom Boxes

We know there are hundreds of condom manufacturing companies. To lure customers and create an elegant product image, the appearance of condom boxes is crucial. Beauty attracts people. So, designing condom boxes with images, vivid colors, luxury graphics, branded themes, and alluring illustrations to showcase condoms in charming boxes. Appearance is not limited to only visuals, style, and shape of the boxes along with inserts and decorations that enhance the appearance of the condom boxes.

Custom Printing For Branding And Informed Decision

Printing is the most crucial factor in creating custom condom boxes. Condom boxes printed with logos, condom numbers in the box, emblem, instructions, manufacturing, and expiry dates help a lot in creating a trustworthy image of the brand. Logos, slogans, and other promotional messages promote the product and brand. They spread product knowledge and act as agents with the purpose of promotion. Whereas, other details on the condom boxes make people decide to select condoms of their choice. Many people ask why condom boxes don't have size charts and condom numbers. But you can solve their problem by printing all the details on the condom boxes. 

Finishing and Laminations

After designing, assembling, and printing, the last part of creating condom boxes is finishing and lamination. Finishes enhance the overall appearance of the condom packaging. Embossing matte, and debossing beautify packaging of condoms. These make Custom Health Boxes more glossy and alluring. The lamination of the boxes increases sustainability and protection. Lamination acts as a shield and protects condoms from water, moisture, and external rays. It enhances the shelf life of condoms. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Condom and Condom Boxes

  • Condoms are Made of?

Condoms are made of Latex rubber, Polyurethane, and polyisoprene, and contain lubricants and medications. 

  • How Many Condoms in a Pack?

Condoms number is different for different brands. The average number of condoms that come in a box is 12. 

  • Male Condoms vs Female Condoms?

Males and females both can use condoms. Males wear condoms, whereas females insert condoms. Male and woman condoms are of the same size, however, female condoms are wider than males. 

  • Do Condoms Take Away Feelings?

Yes, latex condoms reduce tactile sensation. 

  • Do Condoms Break? 

The couples who use condoms regularly, 3% of condoms break in the first year. Whereas, newbie couples break 14% in the first year of use. 

  • How to Know Condom Size?

Condom size is printed on the boxes. Measure the width of your erect penis, and know the suitable condom box for you. 


The revolution in condom packaging has enhanced the pleasure and protection of condoms. Premium condom boxes boost condom protection, increase their life, and enhance their use. The new packaging trends have made condoms more efficient, tear-resistant, and safe from contamination and break. Getting a premium condom box for your brand will increase your branding, customer satisfaction, unboxing experience, shelf life, and demand for your condoms. Custom Designs Boxes is the Best Packaging Company in the USA, equipped with technology and creativity. We create custom condom boxes from versatile materials, design with visuals and graphics, print necessary details, and take care of size and shape. Our motto is to equip small and medium condom manufacturer companies with premium quality condom boxes without breaking the bank. Connect with us and get condom boxes for your brand to boost protection, increase pleasure, and attract customers.

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