When it comes to packaging, are Kraft boxes the best choice?

With so many options out there, it becomes difficult to choose one packaging that perfectly fits all your needs. Kraft paper is one of the most used materials for making boxes. Custom Kraft Boxes have been reigning in the packaging industry for many years. This is because of the benefits they provide to various industries in the packaging of products. But the question stands if they are the best option for all the packaging needs. Let's explore its answer;

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Krafts Provides An Unimaginable Strength

Kraft packaging boxes can hold heavy and fragile products without breaking a sweat. But What makes the kraft boxes sturdy and endurable? The answer lies in the production material. Despite its weak appearance and lightweight, kraft has enormous tensile and tear strength. Kraft paper provides greater durability to the boxes compared to other materials. This is because of the kraft paper that these boxes can withstand moisture and heat. Moreover, kraft paper has a high sulfur ratio and low lignin content. That’s why they do not require extensive bleaching that weakens the paper. Such high strength and durability make the kraft paper boxes a perfect solution for your shipping and packaging problems. 

Kraft Stands As Your Eco-Friendly Partner

Kraft is more sustainable than other packaging solutions because it is recyclable and biodegradable. It degrades in heaps of garbage in 6 to 8 months. The production process of kraft boxes is also eco-friendly. The kraft process requires fewer chemicals to treat wood pulp. Moreover, many of these chemicals are recovered during the process. Two byproducts are produced during the process which are tall oil and turpentine, both of which are reused for other purposes.

This makes the overall production process of kraft paper a sustainable practice. Hence the boxes produced are also environmentally friendly. Moreover, is it possible to recycle and reuse kraft boxes? The base material of these boxes is wood pulp which is organic. Because it is a renewable resource, kraft paper can be recycled up to 7 times. Custom Designs Boxes has stood a step ahead of others by using sustainable inks for printing Kraft Paper Boxes. These include vegetable, UV, algae, and water-based inks. They ensure no chemical waste is generated during the whole process. 

Natural Rustic Appearance And Printing Magics

Kraft boxes get their natural rustic appearance from kraft paper. This gives a simple and aesthetic look to the packaging boxes. Moreover, customers can feel the textured finish of these boxes and develop a bond with the product they are buying. Touch sensation influences the purchase decisions of customers. It plays an essential role in the customer's perception and evaluation of products. So a textured finish can develop a stronger connection to their purchases. 

However, the magic of kraft box packaging does not stop there. Many companies also print their boxes to meet the aesthetics of the brand. They print the brand’s name and logo along with the graphics related to the products. For further appeal, there are finishes such as gloss UV, gloss AQ, spot UV, embossing, debossing, and foil stamping. The choice of finishing and printing depends upon the packaging needs. There are options for single-sided, double-sided, and no printing. 

Versatile Packaging Solution

Another reason to choose kraft paper packaging is its functionality. They perform various functions for the businesses and products. There are kraft shipping boxes, kraft gift boxes, kraft display boxes, kraft window boxes, kraft tuck end boxes, kraft boxes with lids, kraft boxes with handles and the list goes on and on. 

Every business chooses a different type of kraft box for its products and still, there are many designs that have never been explored before. Companies get so many benefits and so much variety in a single type of packaging box that it becomes their favorite. They choose these Boxes for Gifts, showcasing, shipping, and protection. 


Finally, the last reason to choose kraft box packaging is its customization. The versatility of the boxes is possible because of the flexibility of the kraft. You can craft your kraft into as many shapes as you want. Big or small, never a problem for the kraft packaging boxes. Brands use our personalized kraft boxes because they can customize them to their needs. They can change the size, shape, and style of boxes. Further, they can also use various printing and finishing variations to stand unique in their competition. 

How To Quickly Store Your Brand Value With Kraft Boxes?

Brands rely on the quality of the packaging for sales and custom kraft boxes can quickly gain the sales the businesses are looking for. But to achieve it you have to understand the packaging needs of your products and how to align them according to your brands. Here are a few free tips for you to implement in your product packaging,

  • Choose the right-sized packaging box that is not too big or too small. So the product snugly fits inside the box. 
  • Design a box that aligns with the products and provides convenience to customers such as kraft takeaway boxes for food products.
  • Customize the box with your branding elements to enhance your reach to customers.
  • Get a printing facility that produces high-resolution graphics on the boxes without any mistakes. There is no shame in getting help from savvy graphic designers for this purpose. 
  • Choose a finishing touch that defines the purpose of the packaging such as a matte touch for a luxurious appeal or embossing for a textured feel. 

If you want to save yourself from the trouble of comparing the prices and qualities of different suppliers. Or want an answer to your question, “Where can I purchase custom kraft boxes”. Then go for a professional packaging solution like Custom Designs Boxes that is there for all your packaging needs. When you are done making a personalized kraft box for your products, order it. Use it for your products and see the revenue they will bring into your businesses. Your sales will skyrocket in no time. Never forget to buy wholesale kraft boxes to save a handsome amount of money. 

Wrapping Up

In short, when you have kraft boxes by your side, things can never go wrong for your products and business. When kraft packaging boxes meet all the requirements of Custom Packaging with a single packaging material, then it is safe to say, “Kraft boxes are the best option when it comes to packaging”.

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