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Make your brand renowned and your product appealing with our durable, sophisticated, and pocket-friendly custom presentation folders with quality assurance.

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Product Overview

Presentation boxes are used to keep your expensive products in a sophisticated manner. These packaging boxes are fit for every product of yours. Custom Designs Boxes is capable of manufacturing premium custom presentation boxes for you. By using these quality packaging solutions, you can present your product attractively and leave your competitors in the dust. Along with many other facilities, we bring your order without charging a cent. Presentation packaging is made with sturdy paper material and embellished with extra add-ons. These types of packaging stunts allure the customers by increasing the beauty of your product.

presentation boxes
presentation boxes
presentation packaging boxes
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Custom Packaging Designed To Deliver Both Form & Function

Offering personalized services to provide custom packaging that fits your brand like a glove.

Experience the real quality with our premium stock, as we source only the finest materials, providing durability, reliability, and an amazing texture! From the sturdiness of cardboard and corrugated stock to the shimmer of holographic and metallic options, the eco-friendliness of Kraft boxes to the opulence of rigid packaging – our thorough selection guarantees that each material satisfies our rigorous standards.


Give your buyer a sensory experience with custom packaging featuring add-ons to sweeten the impression and functionality AND fast-drying finishings that ensure efficiency without sacrificing quality. Select from our extensive library for elegance, added protection, and versatility. Whether you're looking for embossing, foiling, stamping, or custom engraving, our box-makers promise to deliver precision.

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Glass Coating
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Matte Coating

Ensure your packaging fulfills your distinctive requirements of durability and support with our range of paper thicknesses - from 8pt to 28pt. You can avail our lightweight options for cost-effectiveness and robust solutions for expensive or hefty products. By using lighter paper for your packaging, you can achieve noticeable savings on shipping fees. Upgrade your packaging protection and appeal with premium materials to reflect the value of your services!


We competently cater to your shipping demands with our expansive network of carriers and logistics partners. Custom Designs Boxes is shipping domestically or internationally and have ground or air shipments. From design to delivery, trust our reliable handling and transport services for fast and timely delivery. Enjoy free & flexible shipping options with us!

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Durable Presentation Boxes - Excite People With Adorable Packaging Solution

Presentation boxes are perfect for packing your valuable and delicate products. It is the need of the hour that brands require these packaging boxes. For individuals, these paper packaging boxes are fit for many products. For gifts and presents, use these boxes if you want to be prominent among your competitors. Custom Designs Boxes is one of the leading packaging companies in Ohio, America. These packaging boxes make your products glow among the competitors. The alluring presentation of your expensive and delicate products increases your sales. Custom presentation boxes make you visible on the shelf. We produce these packaging boxes to draw the attention of your customers.

What Is The Role Of Bold Presentation In Making A Brand Renowned?

A product that looks distinctive and unique from others, that attracts people a lot. People love to buy these products as they find them to per their requirements. We create presentation packaging as per modern marketing trends. We give separate styles to your stationery boxes and make your competitors feeble before you. The flow of enchanting colors and decent artwork make these packaging boxes astounding glance. Extra add-ons and embellishments like ribbons, strips, and handles that make your product visible on the shelf. Whether you are a brand or an individual who wants to present its products as gifts to retailers or loved ones, our decorated presentation gift boxes are essential.

Are Presentation Boxes Eligible To Protect Your Valuable Products?

Yes, we only use sturdy and durable paper packaging material. Every top-notch product and gift of yours requires plenty of protection while in transit and storage. Kraft, cardstock, rigid, and corrugated are used to create pencil boxes like our presentation boxes. Cardboard paper packaging material is most demanding for this purpose. The strong paper walls preserve the actual product and its texture too. The water stays away and the product remains perfect. For delicate edibles, we have hygienic paper material that secures your food items like chocolates from bacteria and other germs. If you want to gain the trust of your potential consumers then our custom presentation packaging is crucial.

Stop Hurting The Natural Environment

If you have a soft corner for a natural and healthy environment then our luxury presentation boxes are perfect. Besides them, our document folders are manufactured using lavish finishing and coating. But the luxuriousness of these boxes never hurdles for saving the natural climate. We have all the green packaging solutions that make you an eco-centric company. People love products from a brand that cares for them. Save a lot of your money as these paper boxes are inexpensive. The sustainability and recyclability of these presentation boxes with clear lids make them affordable and ideal for a healthy environment.

Why Do You Have To Believe In Us?

Multiple reasons make us trustworthy not only for you but also for the thousands of companies in the region. We have a lot for you while manufacturing presentation boxes wholesale with advanced machines. We offer a wide range of before and after-sale services. Let’s have a look at them. In the beginning, we make unique and distinctive styles and designs for you. And we never charge for that service. It is free for you. We give an easy way to order. Just fill out the simple form and mention your desired requirements. 

Just fill out the simple form and mention your desired requirements. We will get it done in fast turnaround time. We take only 6 to 8 working days to deliver your order to your destination. We offer low MOQs that start from only 100 pieces and go to quenching your thrust. If you need any help while considering us for your presentation packaging boxes then our experts are available to guide you. Bring your business to us place your order at and wait just a little to get your top-rate presentation boxes.

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You have already done your part by formulating an amazing product, let us do our part by creating a unique custom packaging material. Have a look at our collection of boxes and find the right fit for your needs!

Why Choose Us?

You have had a glimpse of our manufacturing and other services before. But that was not the end of these important and advantageous services. Last but not least, Custom Designs Boxes brings your order of wholesale custom presentation boxes without charging any penny. Shipping is on the house as we pay for the delivery.

wholesale presentation boxes
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Be Glorious By Having Our Elegant Printed Presentation Folders

Brands and businesses use our boxes not only to present their products appealingly but also to place their products in this brand-efficient packaging to help them secure a prestigious spot on the shelves in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers To All The Urgent Questions You May Have.

Of course, we have all the tech and advanced mechanisms to print these boxes inside out as per your requirements.

We use inexpensive paper material and efficient machines to save you time and money.

No, usually we do not create these packaging boxes in assembled form as far as rigid boxes. Also, it is up to you what kind of form you prefer.

All the packaging materials are used to create these packaging boxes but cardstock is the suitable and best paper packaging material in this regard.

We charge nothing not only for 100 pieces but also for any kind of order. Shipping and dispatching are free all across the USA and Canada as we bear all the delivery charges.

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